Gwinnett Schools Go Above and Beyond in Year-End Food Drives

The season of giving is upon us, and several local schools have already blessed StreetWise through food drives! Here are a few highlights from what we’ve received so far:

Hebron Christian Academy

Hebron Christian Academy has been a faithful partner of StreetWise Georgia for the past several years. This year, students and parents contributed almost 2,000 items to our Thanksgiving food pantry. Thanks to their generosity, families will have full plates for their holiday — and a few pumpkins for ambiance as well!



                                                                                                                Mill Creek High School

Mill Creek High School never ceases to amaze. Each year, the students are tasked with collecting canned goods and other nonperishable food products, and each year we are completely overwhelmed by their response. This time, it took three trips just to pick up their donation of nearly 12,000 items! In the pictures below, you can hardly see the students for the stacks of food they accumulated.


Ivy Creek Elementary

In its first-ever StreetWise food drive, Ivy Creek collected an impressive amount in its Thanksgiving food drive. It is so encouraging to see young ones take action on behalf of their community. Little people can do huge things!

Ivy Creek was able to collect more than 340 cans for our Thanksgiving Gathering 2015 in just a matter of days!

All of this to say that the Lord is Good and He can do all things. This giving season is shaping up to be a great success and we have generous partners in the community to thank for supporting the mission of StreetWise Georgia!