Our Mission

The mission of StreetWise Georgia is to offer the necessary physical, emotional, mental and spiritual tools to help people stabilize their lives, improve their environment, and ultimately move into a state of well-being and self-sufficiency. Designed to get struggling families back on their feet and functioning independently, StreetWise Georgia provides its Clients with the help and support they need, whenever they need it.

Mission of StreetWise

Our History

StreetWise Georgia was founded in 1988 when Terry and Pat Powell stepped out in faith, simultaneously left their corporate positions and devoted their lives to serving families living in low income areas.
They began by building an extensive resource program in downtown Atlanta, most notably in the government housing communities of Perry Homes and Bowen Homes. There, StreetWise offered a broad range of services to provide more than 600 families that were living below the poverty level with the professional care they required to rebuild their lives.

Making a Difference

StreetWise in the Early Years


Our First Ambassadors at the Lawrenceville Facility in 2010

In 2008, those downtown government housing projects were dismantled by the City of Atlanta, and the families were moved into suburbs outside the perimeter of I-285. StreetWise responded by maintaining those relationships founded in the inner city, as well as expanding its influence into all of Metro Atlanta.

Today, StreetWise Georgia has its primary operating center in Gwinnett County. We consistently strive to meet the needs of the community and enhance our impact, one family at a time!

Terry & Pat Powell

StreetWise Leadership

Terry Powell, President

Pat Powell, Vice President

Gary Pipkorn, Operations Director

Karen Cox, Communications Director

Dorothy Ford, Financial Administrator

Robert Davis, Volunteer Coordinator

Board of Directors

Brad Anderson

Jerry Wallace

Bill Willis

Michelle Bowen

Jason McCart