StreetWise is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to helping people who are struggling, and are low income to poverty level, get the help and care they need to rebuild their lives and function independently. Rebuilding lives does not just come through handouts; it comes through commitment and involves a process. StreetWise Georgia is a hand up and committed to:

Meeting Needs

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The first step toward rebuilding is in meeting immediate needs with tangible assistance. StreetWise aids clients with food, clothing, and hygiene items by appointment at our facility, 10AM-2PM on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. We also partner with Atlanta Community Food Bank to hold a Mobile Food Pantry on the second Saturday of each month. Pre-registered guests never have to get out of their cars.

StreetWise is able to provide these items through donations from the community and is blessed to distribute over 1 million pounds of food to over 5,000 families! With help from community members like you, we hope to exceed this and our goal is to reach many more families.

Demonstrating Commitment

Terry and Pat Powell have been ministering to the inner city families of Atlanta and the surrounding area since 1988. People in need learn that they can count on StreetWise for more than food and clothing. StreetWise cares and is there for them whenever they need it. Terry, Pat and StreetWise Georgia have demonstrated commitment to serving local families through:

StreetWise also conducts many community events focused on sharing the love of Christ. Families can come for fun and find hope in the process. Events include:


Building Independence

StreetWise helps struggling families get back on their feet and enables them to function independently. We offer physical, emotional, mental and spiritual tools to help people move from a state of dependency to a state of well-being and self-sufficiency. StreetWise offers:

At each assistance appointment, trained StreetWise counselors give families an opportunity to share their needs and express any concerns. Our counselors demonstrate the love of Christ and pray with each family. If the need for assistance is due to addiction or destructive habits, clients of StreetWise get help to break the addiction or habit; this step is required in order to continue receiving assistance from StreetWise. Our counselors follow-up with each client to listen, encourage, pray, and ensure that they are taking the steps necessary to achieve stability.